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Two Days in Langkawi

What can be done in two days in Langkawi?

1. Jet ski to the islands
2. Drive/scoot around the main island


Langkawi islands


We splashed out on this tour. It was between €50-55 for a four to five hour jet ski ride to four of Langkawi’s ninety-nine islands. But let it be said, it was worth it.

Us three girls headed off on our two-seater jet skis with our two English friends with me on the back of the Malay guy’s one. He bombed it over waves as I clutched onto his tiny waist and flew up and down as we skirted the sea.


Our friends Ben and Craig at the lake

Stop one was a fresh water lake in middle of a sea island. According to a local guy the story on how it got there is too long to explain. Jumping into fresh water with no sand and opening your eyes with no stinging is a dream. Getting back onto the dock is a little less dreamy and involves lots of laughter from onlookers (me) as others fling legs and arms in all directions reminiscent of, well, walruses.


One of Langkawi's ninety-nine islands

We dropped by Eagle island but saw no eagles so went to two other islands with beaches to snorkel and lie in the shallow waters while chatting and thinking of nothingness.

Word of warning:
Don’t brush off the small, black, prickly plants if you don’t want to come out with black sore spots on your foot that need to be pounded with a flipflop by the instructor and doused in lemon juice (Orna’s ouchie-booboo).

One of the highlights was being able to drive right onto the beaches from the jet skis. The thrill of flying across the water was amazing too. My skills weren’t so great over choppy waters so I preferred bumping around the place on the back.

Second word of warning:
When plans change and you need to ride back to shore with your English friend Ben, and he decides to take a sharp turn which makes you fly from the vehicle and the propeller tries to take your bikini bottoms from you, use your reflexes and grab onto them for dear life. I’ve no idea what may have ensued should they have been taken by the water.


Sunset at Pantai Cenang beach

Dinner and drinks on the beach while watching the sun set is a great ending to an adventurous day.


Temurun waterfall


We rented a car for €17.50 between three, including insurance.

We visited the cable car (but the wait was 1 hour so we declined) and browsed the ‘Oriental village’ in the blistering heat. We also swam at Temurun waterfall (where we randomly bumped into our two English friends) and Seven Wells waterfall. Unlucky for Aisling, she tumbled off a slippy rock down into the bushes. The massage from the previous cascading waterfall a distant memory.


Ornaments at Seven Wells waterfall

Another evening of beachside drinks and Langkawi is complete.