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A bit of spice in Pai

Apparently there’s a few hundred corners on the route up to Pai (a small town in North West Thailand) from Chiang Mai. You get advised by others to take stomach-settling tablets for the three hour journey. We didn’t bother. We were grand. Stomachs of steel. But it can depend on how crazy your mini bus driver is!


The dorm and common area in Spicy Pai

As a backpacker you constantly get tips on what to do and what not to, where to stay, and good food places. We listened to some people and booked into Spicy Pai ‘hostel’. It’s not so much a hostel but a rustic bamboo hut with leaf roof and bamboo-made bunk beds. It’s pretty cool. Twenty six people in the open dorm with mosquito nets to keep the outdoors off you, it doesn’t keep the cats away though. 

Friends of mine from home had been in Pai a few months before and had both thought of me when they were there. They thought I’d love the small, artsy town in the mountains. They were right.


Sunset at the canyon

Being part of the backpacker community makes you lose your inhibitions and make friends so quickly. An hour after arriving to Spicy Pai I saw a gang about to set off somewhere and asked them what they were doing. They were going to the canyon to watch the sunset. We were invited along so myself and Orna hopped on the back of some motorbikes and off we set. It was a beautiful location with the sun setting behind the mountains. We headed back to the town to the night market. The street food was amazing…some deep fried vegetables in pastry and an Indian kebab. We treated ourselves to a few purchases also as the prices are so good–€2.50 for a pair of cut off denim shorts!

That night we socialised in the common room–up a bamboo ladder and into the open-air room with cushions on the ground and leaf roof. We made three Irish friends–Lawrence (Larry, Big Lucky), Sean, and Donal. It was a breath of fresh air to hear their Irish accents. I was actually beginning to miss it! It ended with a night of drinking games, dancing in Sunset bar until the small hours, and running home along the dark road back to the hostel.


At a waterfall in Pai

The next day was spent wandering around aimlessly, visiting a waterfall that wasn’t good to swim in, and scheming a swim in the pool at the Circus School hostel which was a bit too cool for school for our liking!


White Buddha


Scooting about

We rented scooters on our third day to go see some sights. It was our first time to drive them. We went to hot springs (not a great idea on a scorching day when all you want to do is jump into a cold pool), a waterfall, the white Buddha on the hill, and the Memorial bridge. The best part about biking around is the freedom–stopping when you want, the breeze in your hair, and the scenery.


Orna on her scooter

We headed back Chiang Mai for one more night and were welcomed ‘home’ by our hostel owner!