Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Koh Lanta. It’s everyone’s dream who is looking to relax.


Sunset through the restaurant

It just so happened that we were arriving in low season as high season wouldn’t start for a month or so. Lots of guys were hassling the girls with accommodation and wrecking their heads. We decided not to listen to the other Irish girls on the boat and go with a local with a free lift, despite the original annoyances,  as the brochures looked good. It turned out to be an amazing place (it could have easily been a dive). We rented a private bungalow for five euro each a night that had a pool, a gorgeous restaurant and bar, and was a few metres away from the beach.


Wedding preparations in the background


Koh Lanta sunset

The days went by with sunbathing, swimming, oil massages, and pedicures. We even saw an intimate wedding ceremony on the beach but the sun set just a bit too quickly (the pesky sun) and as soon as the ceremony was over the rain came so they dressed up to the nines again the next evening and got their picture perfect moments recaptured, bridesmaids, groomes men and all.


The girls enjoying dinner at sunset

Hiring a car didn’t work out too well for us as we had to abandon it halfway up a hill due to it overheating and liquid coming out from under the bonnet. We still got to explore the Old Town, have a dip at a different beach, and be back in time to have dinner over sunset.


Chilled after my oil massage


Our last Koh Lanta sunset

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